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Lightningkid's Application

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1Lightningkid's Application Empty Lightningkid's Application on Fri Aug 16 2013, 16:34


Full name: Daniel Daryl
Age: 21
Race (Be creative): Human
Class: Magic
Stats: (Use stats correspondant to your class, and add five points where ever you wish)
Strength +5 (-4)
Speed +5
Agility +5 (-2) [+3]
Accuracy +5 (-1)
Intelligence +5 (+2)
Wisdom +5 (+2)
Defense +5 (-3) [+2]
Lockpicking +3
Thievery +3
Speech 0
Taming 0

Starting Skill:
Items: Wooden branch with a leaf. (Magic wand)

---Starting items given to everyone---
2.500 gold.
4 healing potions.
Appearance (Picture or describtion):
Personality: a slacker, fight seeker, really enthusiastic but never answer anything that's about his normal life.
Back story (Real world): Daryl is a normal student. Nothing special from him, except the fact that he is, short. He is really short that his friends might not notice he's there when they're talking each other in school. He's getting enough mockery from his friends. No one wants to be friend with him. He's always being mocked "short guy", "tiny freak" and so on. This drives him into online world, where everyone don't really have to know each other's real life. The world where he can lie about himself being tall smart and friendly guy. When the Virtual Reality game introduced, Daryl is the one among first peoples to play it. The world where he can have character as he want. Until he bought the Milaheim Online.
Reason you want to join this RP: I'm always interested in magic RPs where I can be mage and hell, I'm one of Anime-freaks that screamed when there's a roleplay like this. I want to try a game like SAO or ALO, even if it's just RP-based.
Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative): the OP is unimaginably long. It explains about levels, monsters, items, EXPs, and many RPG-based system that is transformed into RP. pretty neat.

2Lightningkid's Application Empty Re: Lightningkid's Application on Fri Aug 16 2013, 16:36


Welcome to MLO. Smile

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