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Full name:Chris "Frosty" Bos
Race (Be creative):Likarn (hawk person.)
Class: Ranged
Stats: (Use stats correspondant to your class, and add five points where ever you wish)Strength +5
Speed +3(-2)
Agility +7(+2)
Accuracy +7(+2)
Intelligence +2(-3)
Wisdom +2(-3)
Defense +6(+1)
Lockpicking +3
Thievery +3
Speech 0
taming: 0
Starting Skill: Transform (Active?) Chris transforms into his hawk form, Which is about half the size of his human form. he can only stay a hawk for a limited amount of time (Up to GM) and, when in hawk form Chris can fly and can use two attacks: Scratch and Peck.
Items:Slingshot and stones
1500 gold
4 healing potions
Appearance (Picture or description):i cant fraggin figure out how to fraggin get the fraggin pics to work! soooo, you guys all remember what my character looked like right?
Personality:Chris was Always looking for a way out of reality, when he saw Milaheim online he was thrilled, finally something that suits him, Before he started playing milaheim online. He was always bored and quite frankly an anti-social freak. But he didnt care about the real world he liked Video games, alot.
Back story (Real world):Chris was always a lonely kid, due to the fact that he was extremely shy and light headed. Chris was always the kid who never talked or made eye contact. But he hoped that Milaheim Online would make him more confident and social.
Reason you want to join this RP: Because Rav3r's my friend and i like his RP's
Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative): We were on skype this whole time, and ive been reading most of the time. Come on i mean isnt me playing enough. But yeah i did read the whole thing from Classes to titles to race's to stats to the App.

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