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Mr_Sheep_san's Application

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1Mr_Sheep_san's Application Empty Mr_Sheep_san's Application on Tue Aug 20 2013, 06:52



Full name: Sayori Gingi Taiko
Age: 15
Race: Human
Class: Magic
Title: Phantom Mage
Weapon type (Mace, Sword, Staff, Spear, etc): Scythe
Armor type (Cloth, Leather or Plate): Cloth
Strength +5 (-4) [+3]
Speed +5
Agility +5 (-2) [+2]
Accuracy +5 (-1)
Intelligence +5 (+2)
Wisdom +5 (+2)
Defense +5 (-3)
Lockpicking +3
Thievery +3
Speech 0
Taming 0
Starting Skill: Devil Scythe (Active)-the user rapidly hacks at the opponent 3 times dealing 2% more damage than the normal attack with each hack. Does not affect stats.
Pick one of the following equipment:
Left Hand (Weapon):
Right Hand (Weapon): Wooden branch with a leaf. (Magic wand)
---Starting Inventory---
800 gold.
4 healing potions.
Free Item Voucher (Floor one)
Mr_Sheep_san's Application 31sphantommage
Personality: She is a quiet, friendly girl who despite her upbeat and generous attitude, struggles with starting and holding conversations. She can talk at greater lengths with people that she is familiar with and will greet them kindly whenever she sees them or notices them log on. Otherwise, she is passive towards strangers and tends to mind her own business. She is very serious when it comes to battles, and ignores all other distractions so that she can concentrate fully on her opponent. She likes to strategize her attacks based on the opponent’s movements. She prefers to be a solo player, but will openly accept party requests.
Back story (Real world):
Sayori was born to a middle class family in San Francisco, California as an only child. She was frequently bombarded with loneliness and sadness throughout her childhood as her mother, a nurse, and father, a business man, rarely stayed home. They always had to leave to do something for their jobs. This pained childhood only furthered her growing insecurities and left as a socially awkward kid with minor ADD problems. With her lack of interaction with other human beings, she struggled to fit in and make friends with other kids at school as she had no idea how to start and hold conversations with others. She always fretted over what others thought about her and what to talk about with her peers till eventually she just gave up on social interaction.

As a result, Sayori locked herself away in her room studying and drowning herself in books to amuse her. Though one day, bored of rereading her favorite book, she decided to go on the internet to search up something entertaining to do. The first thing to pop up on her search engine was a MMORPG game. Lacking anything else better to do, she click on it to find herself falling into a world where anything was possible. That was the start of her video game addiction. She instantly fell in love with RPG games because she could finally be the person that she always dreamed of being and live all of her fantasies.

Three years later, she was playing one of her many MMORPG games, when one of her buddies mentioned a new NerveHelmet game in the works. She wasn’t really into the NerveHelmet games as the functions seemed strange and unpredictable, but her online friend urged her to try it out.

Reason you want to join this RP:
I would like to join this RP because it looks like a lot of fun and the thought and detail put into its creation is astounding. Every detail and aspect of an MMORPG game has been placed within text and anxiously calls players to it. Also there is a small, reasonable amount of freedom given to the player as in the creation of class and items which is unique and inspiring.

Also I am a huge fan of SAO, so I think that this is a very intriguing RP idea that has a lot of potential and is bound for success!

Not to mention, the forum RP page looks amazing and very professional.
Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative):
(I’m really confused about the format on the creation of this section, so here goes nothing. Please fix me/correct me if this is unsuitable for this section.)

Not so long ago, in a world that is ours, there was a bored girl strolling through the minecraft RP forums when she stumbled upon a beautiful picture of Gareki. Upon clicking on the forum in which the user with the Gareki photo had created, she found a most interesting RP. The RP was well detailed and described with a wall of text, but with power and determination, the girl persevered and read all of it. The RP promised and entailed the wonderful aspects of an MMORPG such as, stats, weapons, freedom of class creation, item creation, different crafting classes that may or may not be mandatory, pet system, and a whole bunch of  other stuff that would take too long to list. But the information was placed in a well-organized and enjoyable manner, so the girl enjoyed reading it and found everything easy to find and understand. Not to mention the burst of colorful text and examples of how to display and calculate stats, crafting bonuses, and looting determination made everything easier to read. With a few questions that were promptly answered, the girl quickly created an app and applied as she was thoroughly impressed with the creator’s work and was eager to join.

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2Mr_Sheep_san's Application Empty Re: Mr_Sheep_san's Application on Tue Aug 20 2013, 06:57


Yaay. :3 Well, I just have one slight question about your application. Let's say your skill now is
Devil Scythe-the user rapidly hacks at the opponent 3x dealing 5% more damage than the normal attack with each hack.

And when you're level five, you want to upgrade that skill. How many numbers would increase and how much? Because I'd prefer if you followed the skills post for that. Razz

Other than that, accepted! Smile

3Mr_Sheep_san's Application Empty Re: Mr_Sheep_san's Application on Tue Aug 20 2013, 06:58


Ohhh oops sorry I forgot to finish editing that. I'll fix it right away.

Ok so I changed it to 2% now because I want it to be a weaker skill, and it is active, so the percentage increase when upgraded would be 3%

Devil Scythe (Active) [Level 2]- the user rapidly hacks at the opponent 3 times dealing 5% more damage than the normal attack with each hack. Does not affect stats.

4Mr_Sheep_san's Application Empty Re: Mr_Sheep_san's Application on Tue Aug 20 2013, 07:49


Haha okay! That's perfect. Smile

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