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The Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights

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1The Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights Empty The Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights on Sat Sep 07 2013, 15:33

Raven Taker

Raven Taker
Hey it's me LightningKid. My nephew formerly known as Lancelott, decided to delete his account and recreate it as another person. Yeah, he's a jerk but please forgive him, he's a kid after all. Oh and I told him that if he ever want to restart, I will disallow him to roleplay again.

Anyway here is his new character's application. I doubt that Andrew or Velk will approve this but he kept persuading me, so I have no choice but to write this.

Full name:
Raven Taker (MLO char Uname: Raven)

9 years old (MLO char age: 27 years old)

Race (Be creative):
Nasod Clawd

Over Taker (1 from 3 classes available for Nasod Clawd which fights with a spear and strengthen his Nasod Arm)

Veteran Commander

Weapon type:
(something like this: The Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights WskJzvN)

Armor type:

7 Strength +5 (+2)
7 Speed +5 (+2)
3 Agility +5 (-2)
5 Accuracy +5
5 Intelligence +5 (-3) (+3)
2 Wisdom +5 (-3)
7 Defense +5 (+2)
3 Lockpicking +3
3 Thievery +3
0Speech 0
0 Taming 0

Starting Skill:
The Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights Untitled_1Burning Burster (active)
when activated, Raven shoots several flaming crows from his Nasod Arm that fly forward and hit enemies. Deals 75% magic damage (per crow) and inflicts burning effect (decreases health by 1% per second, lasts for 3 seconds)

Left Hand (Weapon):
Stone on a stick (Melee weapon)
Right Hand (Weapon):
---Starting Inventory---
800 gold.
4 healing potions.
Free Item Voucher (Floor one)

Appearance (Picture or describtion):
The Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights 550x553x550px-VCPortrait_V2.png.pagespeed.ic.wDXSnA7afo
Please ignore the spear.

Raven Taker isn't the type of person who could socialize easily. Often relies on his own power, he isn't really fit in a party. But when it comes to friendship matters, he is number one. He may be rude, uneducated, and looks arrogant, but you don't need to question his loyalty.

Back story (Real world):
Raven was born in a poor family, too poor that his parents put him in the street when he was just 7. He wandered his way through the town, didn't know what to do. Local gangsters mocked and beat him up, then left him dying in an alleyway.
Fortunately an Orphanage owner saw him and brought him to a hospital. One month later the hospital allowed Raven to go home and the Orphanage owner brought him to his Orphanage. His physical injuries may be healed and gone already, but his trauma has made him afraid to socialize.
Good thing that he managed to befriended a boy from the same orphan. But his misfortune didn't stop right there, the boy died of a car accident, and Raven once again left alone.
This brought back his asocial soul, and he chose to spend most his time on Nerve Helmet. But yet, his friendship soul is still there, waiting for someone to wake it up.

Reason you want to join this RP:
Same as his application before, to improve his English skill

Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative):
The Skill post doesn't tell us how many skill(s) we can get at the beginning Razz
The Pet post doesn't tell the third class of pet Razz
The Party post has a typo on the 4th sentence. It says memebers instead members Razz
A guild will be available once you reach floor 10, which is really, long.
The Death post has Milaheim Signature banner, which always say COMING SOON in it Razz
The Death post also says that Rav3r and TheFierceRogue are GM, while in fact Velk is a GM too
pretty much Razz

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I have a problem with "He can shoot something like super mini fireballs from the Nasod Arm with limited range that deals 75% damage, but if he shoot too much, the hand will overheat and his health would gradually decrease"... It should be made as a skill, not something he can do from start.


I talked to him that it's really OP *facepalm*

Raven Taker's uncle IRL. Please report to me if he behaves badly.
Beginner Pixel Artist
if you want a specific Pixel art for your weapon or your skill, don't hesitate to ask me!

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