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...At the Hospital

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1 ...At the Hospital on Fri Aug 16 2013, 22:34

Aaron took of his Nerve Helmet and looked around. The nurses had left him, and left him a note: "You're welcome to stay here for the night. You've had a long day's work. There's some food for you in the fridge, and also something to drink"..

 he thought. That means I won't have to bother eating some moldy bread today. He went over to the fridge, got the food and water, ate and drank, and went over to the bed again, and fell asleep.

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2 Re: ...At the Hospital on Sat Aug 17 2013, 10:01

Aaron woke up late that day, and as he was hungry, he went to the cafeteria and asked if he could get some food. He was handed some heated meat from the day before, and he thankfully ate it. The nurse caught up with him, and told him that he had to do some training before re-entering.
"Why?" Aaron turned his full attention to Laria, the nurse.
"We can't have your body get too undersaturated and underworked. From now on, you'll have to do an hour of training before entering Milaheim Online." she explained, and Aaron nodded.
"Does it matter what I do? As long as it's training-related, of course," he quickly added.
"Hmm.." she thought for a moment, "yes, I believe that's alright. We'll be monitoring you, however." Aaron smiled. He went outside and got a good, sturdy stick, that might - if you squint both eyes - look like a sword.
He went into the training room and stabbed the thin air, as he had done in-game the other day. With the systems aid, he had actually learned how to handle a blade, even though all he did was attack air.
An hour later, he went into his room, laid on his bed, while sweaty, and thought to himself Now it's time to get back into the game - I wonder if Andrew is waiting for me. He sighed, and put on his Nerve Helmet.

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3 Re: ...At the Hospital on Sat Aug 17 2013, 21:45

Aaron took off his Nerve Helmet. He went over to the fridge, and again there was food for him. Not only was he getting paid for this, but he was enjoying it as well. And he got free food and water.

After he ate and drank, he went to the bathroom, took a bath, and then went back to bed, to sleep this time.

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4 Re: ...At the Hospital on Mon Aug 19 2013, 11:18

Aaron woke up earlier than usual that day. He went for his daily routine, which was an hour of training with swordplay. He had also picked up a longer stick, that was weighted, so it seemed like a spear.
He did considerably better with the spear than the sword, though he knew this was because he had trained for a year before running away from home.
Aaron then went to his room, got the electrodes set to his body, and put on his Nerve Helmet. This fantasy World, with incredible customization was rediciously fun to play.

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5 Re: ...At the Hospital on Tue Aug 20 2013, 15:32

As he unplugged the Nerve Helmet, Aaron went outside his room, and went into the cafeteria, where they served some food. Aaron took some, and quickly gulped it in, as his nurse, Laria, came.
"You didn't do your training today, Aaron. Any reason?" she looked at him, waiting for an answer.
"Well... I feel asleep with the Nerve Helmet on, and when I woke up, it automatically relogged me..." he shrugged, as he took another bite of bread. Laria sighed, but left, and Aaron ate his food.

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6 Re: ...At the Hospital on Tue Aug 27 2013, 19:02

Aaron went to the cafeteria. There were still people awake, and he was hungry, so he demanded food. Seeing as he was listed as a patient, he was handed some food, some sort of meat stew.
He sat down at the table, and quickly ate his food. The person who sat next to him asked him, in a deep voice.
"Why are you here? There seems to be nothing wrong with you?"
"Uh, I'm here for.. for some things,that I'm not sure I can talk freely about. I'll leave it at that" he said, coldly, as he got up, put the bowl in the dishwasher, and went inside the training room, where he picked up his long stick, and practiced some staff swings. After that, he went to bed.

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