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Rorrim the Shadowslinger

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1Rorrim the Shadowslinger Empty Rorrim the Shadowslinger on Mon Sep 09 2013, 14:11


Full name: Gabriel Horins (Gabe)
IGN: Rorrim
Age: 16
Race (Be creative): Shadedweller - An ancient race, known best for it's formidable adaption ability.
Class: Ranged
Title: Shadowslinger - Specialises in borrowing other people's powers, and using them to his advantage.
Weapon type (Mace, Sword, Staff, Spear, etc): Spellslinging
Armor type (Cloth, Leather or Plate): Leather
3 Strength +5 (-2)
7 Speed +5 (+2)
7 Agility +5 (+2)
7 Accuracy +5 (+2)
2 Intelligence +5 (-3)
2 Wisdom +5 (-3)
4 Defense +5 (-1)
4 Lockpicking +3 [+1]
7 Thievery +3 [+4]
0 Speech +0
0 Taming +0
Starting Skill:
Copycat (Active): Rorrim the Shadowslinger Pza9fE7Allows Rorrim to look through other players abilities, and 'lock on' to a single ability, which he then can cast untill he 'unlocks' it. It takes 5 seconds to lock or unlock an ability. Each rank allows him to hold another spell before unlocking. Any increases the spell gets is moved to Thievery from whatever it was before. If Rorrim has no spells in his catalog, he gets +1 Thievery.
Left Hand (Weapon):
Slingshot and stones
Right Hand (Weapon):
---Starting Inventory---
800 gold.
4 healing potions.
Free Item Voucher (Floor one)
Appearance (Picture or description):
Rorrim the Shadowslinger Tn96hFv
Personality: Gabe tries to be friendly to other people, but because of his family status, he has never really met other people.
Back story (Real world): Gabe grew up in a rich family, but got bored by the simple and unexciting life. He bought a Nerve Helmet with his weekly allowance, and played with it for a bit, before deciding to join Milaheim Online.
Reason you want to join this RP: Duh, SAO RP? Yes please.
Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative): Uhm.. well, there's crafting, you can be a leatherworker, smith, tailor, milatechie, or inscriber.

2Rorrim the Shadowslinger Empty Re: Rorrim the Shadowslinger on Mon Sep 09 2013, 14:22


Interesting ability. Anyways, welcome to Milaheim Online! Hope you have a fun time here.

"I'm looking at my chips bag that's flying away majestically"

3Rorrim the Shadowslinger Empty Re: Rorrim the Shadowslinger on Mon Sep 09 2013, 14:23


Awesome! Very Happy
Thanks for the quick reply.

4Rorrim the Shadowslinger Empty Re: Rorrim the Shadowslinger on Mon Sep 09 2013, 15:36


Rorrim wrote:Awesome! Very Happy
Thanks for the quick reply.
Haha, no problem. Have fun.

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