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First boss clearing!

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1First boss clearing! Empty First boss clearing! Sat Sep 07 2013, 14:48


I have decided the day and time on which we will fight the floor 1 boss for the first time. I am giving the other players one week to prepare and reach level five, which means the boss battle MUST start on the 13th of September (Friday), and will go through the weekend depending on the activity of the players. The rest of the information needed will be posted a few days before that time.

Start of the boss battle: 16:30 GMT +2, September 13; Friday. You do the math.

Please Roleplay the party gatherup for the boss before that time, and be ready at the tower at 16:30...

Thank you.

2First boss clearing! Empty Re: First boss clearing! Thu Sep 12 2013, 14:11


First boss clearing! Tbm5

Andrew decided that the Boss Clearing event will be moved to Saturday, September 14th 2013 at the same time and the same place. Don't be late or you'll miss the event.

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3First boss clearing! Empty Re: First boss clearing! Thu Sep 12 2013, 16:26


That IS true. Smile

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