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Danth's Abilities

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1Danth's Abilities Empty Danth's Abilities on Mon Sep 02 2013, 15:03


When I hit level five, I plan on learning this:

Danth's Abilities ArE8DqcPath to Hell (active): Danth merges with the hellspawn currently active, gaining abilities according to the minion active.
Hex, The Hellspawn Imp Fusion: Hex fuses with Danth, transforming her arms into lava dripping rocky arms with long claws,  and transforms her teeth into huge fangs. Damage is increased by 1% every 5 levels.
NOTE: This skill will be updated every time I get a new Hellspawn Summon Skill.

"Oh boy, action!" - Hex, The Hellspawn Imp.

2Danth's Abilities Empty Re: Danth's Abilities on Mon Sep 02 2013, 15:08


As I see no problems with the skill; I'll allow it. You'll learn it via. roleplay once you hit level 5, then.

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