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Welcome to Milaheim Online, a virtual reality MMORPG text roleplay based on Sword Art Online and Alfheim Online.

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Mira's Manor

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1Mira's Manor Empty Mira's Manor Fri Aug 30 2013, 09:25


Mira walked home from a tiring school day. She sighed, as she hurriedly went home. When she arrived home, a voice came from the doorbell.
"Who's there?" it asked, in a gentle tone.
"It's me, Mira. Let me in, James." she said, in a low, annoyed voice.
"Ah, M'lady, yes, I'll let you in right away. Your mother has asked for you." the last part was said in flesh, as she had entered the house and went past the butler.
"Tell her I'm busy. I don't feel like talking today." she said in a bored voice, as she went into her room. Her parents and her family didn't know what had happend that night, but they knew Mira had changed, though it was hard to see, for she kept her sudden anxiety secret, and tried to be as outgoing as possible. They do, however, know of her dual personality. Mira had never thought it would be amplified when she entered that world.

She sighed, while thoughts roamed everywhere in her head. She switched out of her school uniform, and switched to something more.. comfortable, though, sadly, also revealing. She put her air conditioner to blow out some slightly heated air, and she opened her window a tad. She lay on the bed, and activated the Nerve Helmet. Even though it came more often in this world, she did like it the most. The ability to feel other people, but not having to be near them. That was a thought she had liked.

ID: Mira
PASSWORD: ***********

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