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Dantheya Swimplick

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1Dantheya Swimplick Empty Dantheya Swimplick on Thu Aug 29 2013, 17:42


Full name: Dantheya Swimplick
IGN: Danthy
Age: 16
Race (Be creative): Launthmer - A race forgotten by the future, cursed by the past, and relived by the present. Launthmers originated with the Swimplick family, evolving over the hundreds of thousands of years when Milaheim was created. Launthmers were the original Elves of Milaheim, long before they were extinct and evolved into other races. Long rabbit like ears, an innocent humanish look, masking the ferocious animals inside.
Class: Magic
Title: Hellspawn Disciple - A follower of the great necromancer Nerelith. ((Explained in the Backstory))
Weapon type (Mace, Sword, Staff, Spear, etc): Swallow - A blade on each end for slashing, and a handle in the middle, providing agile movement and fast strikes.
Armor type (Cloth, Leather or Plate): Cloth.
Stats: (Use stats correspondant to your class, and add five points where ever you wish)
Strength +5 (-4)
Speed +5
Agility +5 (-2)
Accuracy +5 (-1)
Intelligence +5 (+2) [+5]
Wisdom +5 (+2)
Defense +5 (-3)
Lockpicking +3
Thievery +3
Speech 0
Taming 0
Starting Skill:
Hellspawn: Imp - A burning imp, dripping with lava appears, the size of a squirrel, and obeys Dantheya's commands. It deals damage based on Dantheya's Intelligence, and when she summons the Imp, her intelligence increases by 2 points.
Pick one of the following equipment:
Left Hand (Weapon):
Wooden branch with a leaf. (Magic wand)
Right Hand (Weapon):
---Starting Inventory---
800 gold.
4 healing potions.
Free Item Voucher (Floor one)
Appearance (Picture or describtion):

Real Life:
Dantheya Swimplick 896561black_and_white_emo_anime_girl-1

In Game:
Dantheya Swimplick Cute_anime_emo_girl_by_fashionrockstar

Personality: Dantheya is not friendly, she's not caring, she's not loving. She's an outcast, forgotten by time itself. She hates people, hates talking to them, and loves seeing them suffer.
Back story (Real world): Ever since she was little, she was forced by her big brother to watch horror movies. From dripping blood, to cutting off limbs and whatnot. She had a lot of horror in her family. When she was 11, her twin sister, Mantheya, was brutally murdered right before her eyes. They were lost in the big city, turning to a dark alley, and a drunk madman came at them with a knife. Dantheya ran away, but her little sister got stabbed. Ever since then Dantheya hates humanity and everything associated with it.

Her parents weren't quite as rich as all the other families, in fact, they used to starve for days before getting money for food. Her family just couldn't live like that anymore, so they threw out Dantheya in the street. Just dropped her off in another town, a place unfamiliar, filled with darkness and secrets. She was lost, and hurt, she did not know what to do.

Now she's sixteen, adopted by a caring family. Unfortunate to them, she does not feel the same way about them. She hates them. She hates everything that involves people. Her new family bought her Milaheim Online and the Nerve Helmet, and she decided to give it a go. Maybe this would be a way to let her anger and emotions out, become a better person.

Reason you want to join this RP: Because this is a place I can be who I want, and no one can tell me it's not the right way.
Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative): Well, this is quite a hard matter, to be honest. I don't think that if I read the post I would be able to adjust the points, or choose my class, title and race. So I think that alone proves that I actually DID read the post. But just for the heck of it, I remember some features, such as pets, thievery, crafting, skills, and everything else there is to offer.

2Dantheya Swimplick Empty Re: Dantheya Swimplick on Thu Aug 29 2013, 17:50


Well then, Mrs. Dark Backstory, you'll be accepted to MAO - enjoy your stay.

(turns out Andrew said I can accept people, yeys.)

"I'm looking at my chips bag that's flying away majestically"

3Dantheya Swimplick Empty Re: Dantheya Swimplick on Fri Aug 30 2013, 02:45


Velk wrote:Well then, Mrs. Dark Backstory, you'll be accepted to MAO - enjoy your stay.

(turns out Andrew said I can accept people, yeys.)
3 people in a day.........
the worlds ending
And moar darkbackstorypeoplesentfromhellandtrainedbynecromancer's.
Unfortunately, Im the only Black Mage here.
Im not cold hearted.
So yeah, no black magus for you!

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