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Kastha's application

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1Kastha's application Empty Kastha's application on Mon Aug 26 2013, 20:48

Kastha Sonory

Hi! I would kindly require your attention for a period of time. Not very long, I promise it wont take long. I want to make a character, play this RP game with a friend of mine who already has a character however I fear my character might need some approval from the RP's creator.

I will just give my characters "skeleton" because I don't want to waste your time with it really.

I was thinking about making a character that is a Temporal Knight, this meaning that I use time to fight my enemy and aid my ally's. I was thinking about it in the following sense and please do take time to analyze the "skeleton".

Full name: Kastha Sonory
Age: 5~6 human years old.
Race (Be creative): Time drifter
Class: Crono Mage
Title: Temporal Knight
Weapon type : Time Rift (long sword), Tempus Field (triangular shield), Warper (Rifle) (<--- these weapons are available through the Arm of Cronus)
Armor type: Leather, cloth.
Strength +5(-4)
Speed +5(+1)
Agility +5(+2)
Accuracy +5(-3)
Intelligence +5(+3)
Wisdom +5(+1)
Defense +5(-3)
Lockpicking +3
Thievery +3(-3)
Speech 0(+5)
Taming 0
Starting Skill:
Ally of Time.
Renders enemy units to have to wait 3 rounds (3 seconds) before they can do another action. (6 rounds/12 seconds cooldown)
Prison of Cronos.(This spell turns into Broken Shackles of Time after level 5)
Causes the Crono Mage to be unable to directly attack or defend itself from harm, renders enemy units unable to attack it but they can still stun or fear the Crono Mage if they poses such ability's.
(At lvl 5---> Character increases the highest stat of their party members nearby by 5 points. Each ally nearby adds +1 intellect and agility to the Crono Mage but also increases the damage taken by the Crono Mage by 1%.)
Items:(none until lvl 5 reached)
Left Hand (Weapon): (shield if summoned after hitting level 5)
Right Hand (Weapon): Mechano-biological energy conduit. (A special item that allows me to convert my characters vital energy into a weapon. In other words, summoning my weapon costs me health points.)
Headgear: (None)
Neck: (Memory Of The Forgotten Ones, available only after level 5)-1% all damage taken.
Body: (Coat of The Oldest One, -//- [same as the above]) +2 Intellect and Agility.
Shoulders: (None)
Hands: (Touch of the Elders -//-) +2 Intellect and Agility
Feet: (Souls of the Wanderer -//-) +1 Intellect and Agility
Finger: (Forgotten Promise -//-) -1% all damage taken
Ear: (Whisper of the Past -//-) +3 Speech
Back: (The coat covers the back)
---Starting Inventory--- (Must Reach Level 5 for items)
800 gold.
4 healing potions.
Free Item Voucher (Floor one)
Appearance (Picture or describtion):
Kastha's application <a href=Kastha's application WigglerRall" /> I would kindly ask anyone who wants to re-use this image NOT to do so. If you do please credit its original maker, a very dear friend of mine. blealiet(DOT)tumblr(DOT)com Thank you very much!
Personality: "It's quite a pleasure to have him around!" some would say. The small creature is friendly and mostly peaceful. It tends to squeak when talking since it is still just a small wiggler. It has proven to be useful in edge to the neck situations and mostly loyal to whom they be-friend.

Back story (Real world): A child of the slums, Kastha never had any fear of loosing anything, since he had nothing to loose to begin with. He went from school to school, soon given multiple diploma's of being the brightest student of the nation, however he was also expelled soon after the diploma's where given. Kastha's parent's where not to be found after his birth, his childhood essentially consisting of endless days of loneliness. Now, at the age of 20, Kastha is a successful man, his profession kept a secret, his hobby indulging in the Nerve Helmet trying to get away from his day to day life.
Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative):

My proof is asking whether I may have this character I so desire to play this game, with a dear friend of mine. ^_^
|----That there is proof too :3
This is where I was really just wondering if this could be a thing for my character. I've read that blacksmiths can only make weapons that go around Strength and Speed. This wouldn't be an issue to me if I wasn't based on intellect and agility. I realize that since my weapon is essentially something that funnels my vital energy into a weapon / shield I should pick up Malitechnician but if what I read was correct than all I can make is pistols, rifles and machine guns,bullets, arrows and gadgets out of which I can only use the rifles.

This would be just fine but than how do I craft myself my sword and shield when I need to upgrade? Is it possible for lets say, classifying my mechano-biological arm as a "creation" of my character. The better the MB-arm the more life it costs me to summon my weapons but the higher their stats. This would mean for example if I have 500 health points, summoning my sword would lets say cost me 25 health and the shield would also cost me 25 health. The gun would cost me 50 so I will want to be in melee range thus balancing the fact that I don't have to make my weapons, my weapon is my arm and my hit points. The more my intellect points the harder my weapons hit, the more agile I am the faster I can attack and dodge. Early game I need to be carried while late game I can properly aid my ally's in combat. If something seems overpowered, please do tell and let us try to come to a common ground, one that would please you and the other players. I also planned out how my character evolves but that is something I'd prefer to discuss this if people like the idea of the character just being a companion at the beginning. Obviously ability's can be nerfed and buffed but this would be the thing I'd like to make.

Thank you so much for your time. Very Happy

2Kastha's application Empty Re: Kastha's application on Tue Aug 27 2013, 07:23


I find it unfair that all players had to start out with only a wooden weapon thingie, and you get all these mechanical things. I think everything seems fine, but you didn't really read through the starting characters thing. You may only get one skill EITHER active or passive, and you start out with one of the starting weapons in the game, thus progressing and aquiring better weapons and getting armors over time. You can start shaping your character with creativity when you reach crafting, and although it still has limitations of which you can read. So I'm sorry, but the app must be fixed a bit. Razz

3Kastha's application Empty Re: Kastha's application on Tue Aug 27 2013, 07:39


To be fair, the general informations thread does say that a new character has access to both a passive and an active skill. Just saying that it might need updating. Cheers.

4Kastha's application Empty Re: Kastha's application on Tue Aug 27 2013, 12:27

Kastha Sonory

Yeah it did say both passive and active....also while yes you are correct, other players gain access to their weapons by default, all I get is nothing until level 5. By which time I'm sure they can access all other weapons if so they please. I read all the rules and all the info about it Mr.Andrew and with all due respect I also hate it when something is imbalanced.

Here is the basic idea I had in a more simple skeleton:

-Can't attack or defend until level 5.
+Can't be harmed until level 5.
-Does not possess any items until level 5.
+Gains 3 weapons at level 5.
-Can not wear plate armor.
-Increased damage intake depending on ally number. (1% X number of ally's nearby = ?% increased damage intake)
+Has 2 skills because the guide said I can have 2. Which is also the proof that I DID in fact read the whole guide, ergo the person who confirmed that indeed, the guide says I can have 2 skills one passive and one active.
+Damage increases by increased intellect, thus making a new kind of warrior, the battle mage type which really just summons their weapons to battle and instead of counting strength as their main damage basis you count their intellect. These also can casts a limited number of spells during a battle that instead of dealing direct damage they aid their ally's really pretty much like buffs and slow effects.

-My character has no mana-pool because I consume my own health when summoning weapons and casting spells. For example (as above) if I summon my sword and shield it costs me 50 health (25x2) while my gun costs 50 on its own and this amount increases lets say by 25 each level. So by the time I hit level 5 I will have 500 health at which point my battles begin with 450 because I have to loose around 50 hit points just to "unsheath" my sword and shield.

As I said previously, I read your entire rule book and I chose to have a set number of + and a set number of - so I may be balanced. I hate unbalanced characters. ^_^

5Kastha's application Empty Re: Kastha's application on Tue Aug 27 2013, 12:33


God damnit, I edited that post about skills for like three times, and yet it doesn't save... -.- That might be my problem, yes, but you see, about those weapons. No, there wasn't a single person who got their weapon by default. They chose one of the three available at start, and when you reach floor two you can do crafting which allows you to make your own weapons. Unless you get a drop which is basically me or other admin Velk being generous.

And the problem I have with your skeleton is that even though it's balanced, it's against the system. I spent weeks shaping that rulebook so people would play accordingly to it, and follow the rules. As much as I hate declining people, I also do not like when people wish to not follow the guidelines.

I'm not trying to be mean, or unfair here, I just don't want other players yelling at me for letting you shape your character this way, and having all the other players start with only a stone on a stick or a stick with a leaf on it.

I hope you do understand what I am trying to say here. I do not want or like declining people from joining a roleplay that I want people to join, but I also want it to be fair for everyone, and be enjoyable.

6Kastha's application Empty Re: Kastha's application on Tue Aug 27 2013, 13:15

Kastha Sonory

I'm ok with that but I'd also like to see what everyone else thinks about the character. Could we have some kind of pole about it? :3
I seriously want to have this character but if people actually say they don't want this to be part of their team then I will just change the stuff that go against the rulebook.
I really don't want to fight the system or anything, I just want to make something that hasn't been made before.

I edited the skeleton a bit, please read that one again. Thank you! :3

7Kastha's application Empty Re: Kastha's application on Sat Sep 07 2013, 08:25


This may be too late but I just want to comment, somehow.
Your app is a proof that you do not read the whole rulebook. Your equipment is your biggest mistake.
The rulebook clearly says that you should choose 1 weapon out of 3 available (branch with leave, stone on a stick, and slingshot). But here, you're god modding by giving your character 3 superior weapons.
Now, your items. You said that all those items are available once you hit level 5? Well, items, body protectors, and accessories can be achieved by buying them. None of us get 'superiorultraprotectiveplatearmor' or 'magicalaccessoriesthatf*ckinboostsourstat' by magic. We bought them from the stores.
And I'm quite surprised with your 'simpler mind of your skeleton'.
-Can't attack or defend until level 5.
How will you gain EXP if you can't attack? and if you think you will get party members who kill for you, forget it. And you're not chuck norris, you can't can't defend.

+Can't be harmed until level 5.
Same with above. you can't can't be harmed. who are you anyway, kami-sama?

-Does not possess any items until level 5.
Now this is really, sorry to say this but, stupid. Everyone wants to have at least 1 item. Why do you limit yourself to "not possess any items until level 5"? How will you survive?

+Gains 3 weapons at level 5.
You're just a normal player. Come on, no one can automatically gain 3 weapons. I bought my first staff, got my second staff from a drop, and my current scythe from a drop too.

-Increased damage intake depending on ally number. (1% X number of ally's nearby = ?% increased damage intake)
Now, now, this is what you might call passive skill. You can't automatically increase your damage or your defense like that, unless you have a passive skill like this.

(I'm not going to talk about your 'dual skill' mistake because I read that too)

There, this post is my comment about your character. Sorry if you feel offended because my rude words, it's becoming a habit. But pretty much, it's not that I hate you or else, I just want to comment somehow.

Raven Taker's uncle IRL. Please report to me if he behaves badly.
Beginner Pixel Artist
if you want a specific Pixel art for your weapon or your skill, don't hesitate to ask me!

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