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m0k0n4's Application

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1m0k0n4's Application Empty m0k0n4's Application on Sun Aug 25 2013, 11:42



Full name: Mirrel Myteea
Age: 17
Race (Be creative): Felyn (Beastkin, mammal-order, feline-genome, i.e. catgirl)

Class: Melee
Title: White Fencer
Weapon type: Sword
Armor type: Cloth

Strength +5 (+2)
Speed +5 (+2)
Agility +5 (-2) [+3]
Accuracy +5
Intelligence +5 (-3)
Wisdom +5 (-3) [+2]
Defense +5
Lockpicking +3
Thievery +3
Speech 0
Taming 0

Starting Skill:
Soothing Light[Active]: Words of prayer, spoken from heart and soul, bend reality to create this healing miracle: a gentle light, mending injuries and comforting the body.
-Instantly heals one target depending on [Wisdom]
-Requires 3 seconds in total to cast

Left Hand (Weapon):
Stone on a stick (Melee weapon)
Right Hand (Weapon):

---Starting Inventory---
800 gold.
4 healing potions.
Free Item Voucher (Floor one)

Mirrel appears very similar to what one would expect from a girl her age; she is built quite slim - not too lean, yet far from tubby - with average, though noticeable, body curves that would imply that she is an early bloomer.
She stands at about 5'8", and while her weight is classified information, it's definitely anything but heavy.

Her complexion is quite light, though not too light as to be pale, coupled with flowing, waist-length, straight silken hair, dyed a beautiful snowy white. Those two features function all the better to accentuate her two deep azure eyes, resting on a flawless rounded face.

Partly bestial she may be, but her appearance is especially humanlike. Indeed, the human in her dominates the beast, with the only traits that separate her from a normal human being pronounced fangs, sharper nails, vertically-slit pupils, her ears - two pointed feline ears on the top of her head, each covered in snowy-white tufts of fur - and a tail, extending from where a human's tailbone would be down to the floor in length, covered in the same snow-white fur.

Her attire consists of an unrestrictive long-sleeved white cloth tunic that extends to just above her knee, decorated with several blue stripes, a silver rosary, and accentuated with a blue shawl; white long boots suited for aggressive footwork; white fingerless gloves; and lastly, flexible white cloth tights. No moar fanservice for you guize

Contrary to popular belief, Mirrel is not an ADHD-riddled plucky girl who ends all her sentences with "nya~".
Mirrel is generally a polite, calm, and reserved person. In conversations, she rarely speaks on impulse and is usually averse to using street slang, rude ones in particular. She rarely loses her cool, keeps a tolerant mindset, and doesn't usually joke, though she generally keeps a relaxed atmosphere in conversations, often smiling or giggling in response to a good joke from another.
She is rather devout to Catholic Christianity, although she rarely shows her belief intentionally, nor does she force her beliefs on others. All-around, she's a pretty decent person who's willing to help people without too much bias.
While usually serious, she does have some sweet spots where the "cool" part of her personality almost completely melts away, though; cats, especially, are highly likely to cause a reaction. Also notable are particularly awful puns and questions that deal with her personal matters. Like cup size
In situations that require her utmost concentration, such as a heated battle, Mirrel noticeably becomes more serious, putting her fullest into the task she is given. And while she has great tolerance, don't piss her off. Much harm will be caused by way of Tranquil Fury.
Her alignment is Lawful Good, though closer to the "Good" axis than the "Law" axis.

Back story (Real world):
Though born as the first child of a relatively rich couple, Mirrel was taught from her childhood to never take her monetary advantage for granted, that she must earn what she wants. She lived a rather uneventful life, a rather uneventful school-life, and a practically nonexistent love life - though it is by her choice entirely to stay celibate until she was of age(of course, that doesn't mean she knows nothing about the relations between the two genders. She knows quite a bit, in fact). The fantastic world of video games, the internet, and cats are some of the few things she utilizes, with control, to spice up this rather uneventful life. To help control her impulses and pastimes, she devotes part of her time to the local church, and always separates her internet-life with her real-life. 'Mirrel Myteea' isn't even her real name, but an alias she uses in the internet; whenever asked to reveal her true name in the net, she always refused.
When she graduated into high school, she moved away from her home city, away from her friends, away from her parents. It was rather jarring, but she adapted, still clinging to the virtues taught by her parents. Yet still, it was a relatively uneventful life, compounded by the fact that she is smart enough to follow school life without too much effort.
Then, she learned about the 'Nerve Helmet'-based video games, and among them the up-and-coming VRMMORPG titled 'Milaheim Online'. Several months of saving up and part-timing later, she bought a copy of the game.
Perhaps this game will only be one of her several pastimes.
Perhaps this game will be something more.
Keeping her virtues firm in her mind, she turned on the game.

Reason you want to join this RP: This RP seems interesting, exciting, active, and has quite a dedicated GM to top it off. It'd be great experience, at the very least.
Prove it that you REALLY read the FULL post (Be creative): Hmm, what to start with? This RP features various features, and is easily one of the most complex ones I've ever seen, save for tabletops/pen&paper RPGs. There's crafting, pets, trading, equipment augmenting, anti-grinding features in the form of level limits per floor, obscenely powerful and optional "protector" bosses in each floor, thievery and more. There's also several features not yet implemented, such as a third pet type(IIRC, it still says "three types of pets" despite only showing "tanky" and "roguelike" types) and Milatech gadgets.

2m0k0n4's Application Empty Re: m0k0n4's Application on Sun Aug 25 2013, 17:29


You, are accepted! And there will be a third type of pets later. :3

3m0k0n4's Application Empty Re: m0k0n4's Application on Sun Aug 25 2013, 17:35


Yay, thanks. I'll be getting the profile up and running, and then it's off to the Floors section of the forums.

BTW, I'm rather torn about how will upgrades affect Soothing Light(since, y'know, it's pretty much the primary healing ability for now).
I made the ability to require 3 seconds to cast, during which the user is fully interruptable, but heals quite a bit in return(should it?). Should the upgrades increase the heal factor or shorten casting time? Decisions.

4m0k0n4's Application Empty Re: m0k0n4's Application on Sun Aug 25 2013, 17:37


It is actually up to you. Smile

5m0k0n4's Application Empty Re: m0k0n4's Application on Sun Aug 25 2013, 18:00


Hmm. I'm really bad at deciding things for myself, but I suppose I could try...
This is considering that 1 defense=15 HP and 1 (main stat)=15 damage dealt.

Soothing Light [Active] [Level 1]:
-Heals a single character for 15*[Wisdom] health instantly
-3.0 seconds casting time

Soothing Light [Active] [Level 2]:
-Heals a single character for 16*[Wisdom] health instantly
-2.9 seconds casting time

If it's too over/underpowered by comparison, just give me a shout.
While casting, Mirrel is completely immobilized; any damage taken while casting cancels the ability.

6m0k0n4's Application Empty Re: m0k0n4's Application on Sun Aug 25 2013, 18:18


Yeah, but you see, the "health" are just bare numbers, and are not really thought of when role playing in there. It's just as a reminder that you can go down eventually, and are not invincible.

7m0k0n4's Application Empty Re: m0k0n4's Application on Mon Aug 26 2013, 01:28


Uh, okay, whatever you say.
I do get the feeling a health gain equivalent to a single attack is kinda underwhelming, though. 3 seconds should be enough to attack at least twice, not counting the obligatory cooldown time...
So if possible I'd like to buff it into something like this:

[Level 1]
-heals a single target instantly (~25*[Wisdom])
-3.0 sec casting time

[Level 2]
-heals a single target instantly (~24*[Wisdom])
-2.8 sec casting time

and so on. The healing factor decreases per level, but the casting time shortens to make up for it.

8m0k0n4's Application Empty Re: m0k0n4's Application on Mon Aug 26 2013, 16:15


Haha sure. Smile

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