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Welcome to Milaheim Online, a virtual reality MMORPG text roleplay based on Sword Art Online and Alfheim Online.

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How to learn an ability.

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1How to learn an ability. Empty How to learn an ability. Wed Aug 21 2013, 13:42


Hello, this is a guide to explain how learning abilities work.

When you want to learn an ability, you must first put up a request in the "Ability requests" forum. After you have got an accepted ability, you can learn it via RP. When you roleplay it, you get teleported to a place called Skill Initialization Zone. It is basically a nothingness area with a woman voice telling you about your ability. Basically, what it does, is generates the surroundings, and if needed, a few targets to test your ability. When it's done, you just get teleported back to where you were previously. That's it. c:

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