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Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge

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Floor two: Felic'na Gorge
Level range: 5-8
EXP range: 500-750
Level exp requirements:

From level 5 to level 6: 500
From level 6 to level 7: 600
From level 7 to level 8: 750

Keep in mind that you go back to 0 exp when you level up.

Beginning of Amunna River - The first several miles of Amunna river, that once was full of crystal clear water, is now dried out for centuries. With flora growing all around it, and surrounded by huge steep cliffs, it is quite a sight to see for tourists. But beware, bandits walk roam the area, looking for prey and loot.

Human Bandits (Level 5) (Drops Broken Armor Pieces, 45-50 gold and 45-50 EXP) - A simple, lightly equipped human bandit on the lookout for loot around the gorge.
Temple of the Snake - A temple not far into the once beautiful river. It was built after the river was dried out, so it is still in quite good shape. Various ornaments on the walls makes it special.
Anaconda Protector:
Anaconda Protector (Level 40) - A Anaconda slythering around the protector temple and protecting it's loot chest.
Required level: 30.
Suggested level: 40 or above.
Minions: Anaconda, Rattle and Cobra snakes. (Level 35, Spawns 5 every time three are killed)

Loot chest:
Rimnuph Orc Tribe Campsite - A few miles past the temple, a campsite is stretched out of Rimnuph Orcs. They are peaceful towards anyone, until you enter their campsite, and since it streches out wide across the river, it is inevitable to enter it. Camps out of leather, campfires burning throughout the night, cooking meat. If you go out at night you can actually see their lit fires, and hear them singing their orcish melodies.

Usually 3-5 per battle, different ones each time.
Orc Citizen (Level 5) (Drops Orc Tusk, 35-45 EXP and 20-35 Gold) - A simple orc citizen of the campsite, who fights with clubs and frying pans of their own craftsmanship.
Orc Guard (Level 6) (Drops Orc Tusk, 45-50 EXP and 50-55 Gold) - A heavily armored Orc Guard with plate armor and an iron axe, ready to fight whoever tresspasses their land.
Orc Archer (Level 6) (Drops Orc Tusk, 45-50 EXP and 50-55 Gold) - A light armored Orc with either a bow or a crossbow at their arms ready to shoot from afar.
Felic'na Cave - A cave stretching in deep into the ground for miles, which is untraversable without a torch or a flashlight. Covered in moss and dripping water, at the end of the cave one can find a huge cavern with a small underground lake left from the dryout. There are rumors of a witch living deep in the cave at the lake, saying that she can remove curses from weapons and armors.
Witch's Cavern
NPCS: Witch Helena
Mobs: Cave Bat (45-50 EXP; 45-50 Gold; 2-3 per cave) - A bat a bit bigger than usual, attacking anything or anyone in sight.
Can remove curses from weapons and armors.
End of Amunna River - Amunna Forest - A forest that seems to be normal, although when a person enters it, the surroundings immediatelly change to night time, everything associated with nature starts to glow a fade purple color, and people can hear fade sounds of a girl yelling out for help. It might be the witch's doing. Beware, the forest has weird ghostly entities.

Angry Spirit (Level 8)(Drops Ghost Tears, 55-65 gold and 55-65 EXP) - A restless ghost, that has been brutally killed and has not found peace in the underworld, looking for revenge at those who killed it, not sparing anyone who comes in the way. Although they are bound to the forest and cannot leave unless the curse of the witch is broken.
Boss tower. A very tall stone tower inhabited by the boss of the Felic'na Gorge floor. Although you cannot see the top, when you enter it, you find yourself at the very top floor of it, and ready to fight the boss.
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge Wizard2
Level 8
Recommended level: At least 8
Minions: Zombies
Spawn rate: 3-7 per fight.
His abilities:
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge UsnfKWJMeteor: Summons a meteor that lands on players damaging everyone in range.
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge P8jKR6fMagic barrier: Resistant to magic attacks.
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge YaNomBgFire ball: Constantly shoots fire balls from his staff.
Upon death drops 1000 gold, gives 300 EXP to all party members and has a chance to drop one of the following:
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge 81U0m4tMystica Staff (+6 (+1) Intelligence)
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge AH38DUdKnight's Shield (+5 (+1)  Defense)
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge ONc9lZNMilatech Pistol (+5 (+1)  Accuracy, +3 Agility)
Felic'na Town - A town surrounded by huge cliffs, standing in a gorge where one a beautiful river was flowing. All dried out, with good soil underneath, people built a town on the place where the lake once sparkled. The town is made almost fully out of wood, and stands on wooden platforms, once surfacing the lake.
Town of Mystica NPCS:
Town Vendor Bob

Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge F1p6s32Health Potion - 50 gold each.
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge 2zXF7VTTown portal scroll - 100 gold each.
Blacksmith Marcelle

Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge SLkPOFrReinforced Iron Armor (+4 defense) - 500 gold
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge BloIvNbIron Gauntlets (+2 Defense, +1 Strength) - 250 gold
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge KGRiqymReinforced Iron Boots (+2 Defense) - 250 gold
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge OqTdv9PIron Sword (+3 Strength) - 500 gold.
Jeweller Matthew

Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge 7wLAYkLPolished Iron Rings (+5% Resistance to Stun and Sleep) - 300 gold
Tailor Sylvia

Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge TKe8PXxCotton Robe (+2 Defense, +2 Intelligence) - 450 gold
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge 3arxO76Cotton Slippers (+1 defense, +2 Intelligence) - 200 gold
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge NoCAHIcCopper Bracelet (+1 defense, +1 Intelligence) - 200 gold
Leatherworker Peter

Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge BzCqKHaLeather Coif (+2 defense, +2 Agility) - 200 gold
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge 8kEB40qLeather Armor (+2 defense, +2 Agility) - 500 gold
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge 0OfcvneSoldier Sandals (+2 defense, +1 Speed) - 250 gold
Woodworker Bill

Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge FOYeh9mPrecise Wooden Staff (+3 Intelligence) - 500 gold
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge OYx2zZhWooden Longbow (+2 Accuracy) - 500 gold
Malitechnician Alloby

Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge YqsEXdtFlintlock pistol (+2 Accuracy) - 250 gold
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge SHrCISfMagnifying Glass Scope (+1 Accuracy) [Attachable to Ranged Weapons] - 350 gold
Identifier Sillica
Identifier identifies gear that monsters have dropped for you during battle.
50 gold to rest.

Adoption Manager Emilliana
Welcome to the adoption center! Here, we can help you adopt a pet that you will love for the rest of your life! We have a variety of eggs to choose from, and you can pick one of them! Of course, we have a price, because we need to pay taxes and everything, but it should be quite accessible!
Eggs we currently have:
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge 0qMZwV3 Bunny egg (x1) - Requires 1000 EXP to hatch into level 1 Bunny - 900 Gold.
Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge H9YNngDFox egg (x1) - Requires 1400 EXP to hatch into level 1 Fox - 1300 Gold.

Shady guy

Floor Two: Felic'na Gorge SXZi6YdQuests:
Level 5: Bandit Problem
When you enter the mayor's house, mayor Oak tells you about the bandit problem they have. Bandits outside of town have been killing people and taking all they have. Barely anyone get out alive, and now the Mayor asks you to try and get rid of as much bandits as you can possibly kill.
Objective: Get two Broken Armor Pieces.
Reward: 300 gold, 150 EXP.

Level 6: Profession.
Every gear crafter NPC in town can teach you how to make what they make, if you bring one of every drop from the monsters in this floor back to them.

Objective: Get one Broken Armor Piece, Orc Tusk, and Ghost Tear.
Reward: Crafting profession of your choice + 150 EXP

Level 6: Profession.
Now that you have learned the profession of your liking, use the quest items from the previous quest to craft an item according to your profession

Objective: Craft an item according to your profession.
Reward: 150 EXP

Level 7: Witch.
there had been rumors that a witch lives deep in the cave of Amunna river, and the Mayor needs your help. He asks you to go deep down into the cave and explore it completely to make sure that a witch actually does live there.

Objective: Make sure a witch lives in the depths of the cave and kill any opposing threat on the way.
Rewards: The exp from Bats and 200 Gold

Level 7: Ghost Forest
People who go to the end of the Gorge have never came back. The Mayor wants you to investigate the forest, make sure what is causing the people to disappear, and come back with any possible information, killing any opposing threat.

Objective: Obtain two Ghost Tears as proof for the mayor of what's happening in the forest.
Rewards: The exp from ghosts, 150 EXP and 250 Gold

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