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Floor Three: Icicle Town

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Floor three: Icicle Town.
A floor covered with a thick layer of snow and ice underneath. The starting town is Icicle town - a town made out of icy igloos and warm fireplaces. Citizens here are very friendly and cooperative if you are the same to them. Although the outside is filled with icy dangers, so be careful when venturing out!
Level range: 8-15.
EXP range: 850-2350.
Level exp requirements:

From level 8 to level 9: 850
From level 9 to level 10: 1000
From level 10 to level 11: 1200
From level 11 to level 12: 1450
From level 12 to level 13: 1700

From level 13 to level 14: 2000

From level 14 to level 15: 2350
Keep in mind that you go back to 0 exp when you level up (You keep the leftovers).

Icicle Pineforest - White is the only color visible here - either it's the snow, or the ice. Everything here is frozen still. The pine trees here still poke, but they poke with icy spikes instead of their original ones. The berry bushes are frozen also, rendering berries unavailable for consumption, and very often you can find monsters you wouldn't normally find in the real world. Maybe because they're "monsters"?

Frozen Tiger - At first the tiger seems like an angelic creature - a white tiger with grey stripes covering it's body, and it is the size of an average african tiger. That is, until you approach it. When the tiger engages into battle, it grows long and sharp fangs, transforming into a Frozen Sabretooth Tiger. If it touches you, the part touched becomes frozen, and is unable to move, so be very careful. (Level 8-9)
(Drops Frozen Sabretooth Tiger Pelt, 50-70 gold and 50-70 EXP)
Frost Deer - A very friendly animal critter that roams these forests. It usually runs in packs of 3-5, and is very fast. Upon making eye contact with a human, the Frost Deer flees because of it's instincts developed over years and years of being hunt down by our predatorical species.

(Drops Deer Meat, 0 Gold and 15 EXP)
Frozen Mast - A place dangerous for the human species. Thin ice covering a huge lake that makes a crackling sound when walking over it. If you are not careful,  you might break the ice and fall in, like many people before you.

Frostish - A weird creature. His body is covered in white feathers, it has wings it uses to fly up to seven feet above ground, but it's body is a fish. Back when the lake was still a good place to live, it used to be inhabited by fish, but when it started freezing over, the fish mutated, allowing them to fly and breathe out of water, developing lungs. (Level 9)
(Drops Frozen Fish Bones, 70-100 gold and 70-85 EXP)
Fishiger - A mutated halfbreed between a fish and a tiger, developed by scientists and set loose by an accident. It looks like the Frozen Tiger, but has scales that make it's skin harder to penetrate, and has very strong fins that give them additional speed when avoiding attacks or running to catch up to a target. (Level 10)

(Drops Fishiger Scales, 85-110 gold and 90-100 EXP)
Icicle Plains - Plains stretching for miles, covered with a thick layer of snow decreasing movement speed, and inhabited by various creatures.

Iciclear - A white bear, similar to the Polar Bear living in the human world. This bear's body is pure ice that is completely impenetrable by Arrows, rendering bow users useless. Although fire is a thing these bears fear the most, and if hit by a fiery spell, take high amounts of damage. (Level 11-12)
(Drops Iciclear Paw, 110-135 gold and 100-130 EXP)
Iceammoth - A furry, giant, white, mammoth about the size of a three story building, with a huge snout and huge, sharp tusks. I can take high amounts of damage, although the only way it attacks is trampling stuff with it's feet, so if you can avoid them, you will probably be safe. (Level 13)

(Drops Mammoth Tusk, 140-150 gold and 130-145 EXP)
Icicle Mountain - A steep mountain with a thick layer of snow and ice covering it, which is impossible to traverse without picks and ropes.

Icicloat - A white furred goat with long and twisting horns living in the mountain range of Icicle Mountain. It seems like a normal mountain animal until provoked. When angry, Icicloat's horns straighten up and he aims them to a target, shooting them towards it's prey, and grows them back in ten seconds. (Level 15)

(Drops Goat Leg, 150-175 gold and 150-165 EXP)
Temple of the Fishiger - A temple underneath the Icicle Mountain. It's entrance is a cave, and is protected by five Frostishes. When these are killed, players can advance for the Protector at the end of the cave. The end is the inside of the mountain carved out about fifty feet above and a hundred feet around.
Fishiger Protector:
Fishiger Protector (Level 50) - A Fishiger twice the normal size.
Required level: 40.
Suggested level: 50 or above.
Minions: Fishiger (Level 45; Spawns three after the previous three are killed); Frostish (Level 45; 5 in the beginning)

Loot chest:
Boss tower. A very tall stone tower inhabited by the boss of the first floor. Although you cannot see the top, when you enter it, you find yourself at the very top floor of it, and ready to fight the boss.
Boss: Icicle Golem - A huge golem made purely out of ice, meaning arrows are useless against him, but fire abilities do increased damage. It carries a huge Icicle Club.
Level 18
Required level: 14
Minions: Icicle Sphere - A ball of ice circled by 1-3 Ice Rings, increasing the size, and depending on the sphere's level.
Spawn rate: 6-8 per fight.
His abilities:
Floor Three: Icicle Town NqIBUSbBash: He bashes with his Icicle Club, and if it hits, it freezes the people it hits for five seconds.
Floor Three: Icicle Town PEFCMMpTough Ice (Passive): Resistant to arrows and bolts.
Floor Three: Icicle Town YaNomBgFear of Fire (Passive): Fire deals 50% more damage to Icicle Golem
Upon death drops 1500 gold, gives 1000 EXP to all party members and has a chance to drop one of the following:
Floor Three: Icicle Town G2SR6ApIcicle Sphere Staff (+8 Intelligence)
Floor Three: Icicle Town NwDF1zgIcicle Shard Sword (+10 Strength)
Floor Three: Icicle Town Km6TDgtIcicle Bow (+8 Accuracy; +4 Agility)
Icicle Town NPCs:
Town Vendor Bob

Floor Three: Icicle Town F1p6s32Health Potion - 50 gold each.
Floor Three: Icicle Town 2zXF7VTTown portal scroll - 100 gold each.
Blacksmith Valerius

Floor Three: Icicle Town Hszz2P2Steel Plate Armor (+5 defense -5 speed) - 850 Gold
Floor Three: Icicle Town MVFkHhoSteel Boots (+3 defense -3 speed) - 700 gold
Floor Three: Icicle Town 7zL2rNeSteel Sword (+5 Strength) - 900
Floor Three: Icicle Town JCA18FeSteel Dagger (+2 Strength, +5 Accuracy) - 900
Jeweller Miranda

Floor Three: Icicle Town Mlg1koPIntelligent Rings (+5% Resistance to Intelligence; +5% Weakness to Strength) - 400 gold
Tailor Peter

Floor Three: Icicle Town NHWSrhcPadded Cloth Robe (+3 Defense, +2 Intelligence) - 700 gold
Floor Three: Icicle Town NN1CvkKPadded shoes (+2 Defense, +1 Intelligence) - 550 Gold
Floor Three: Icicle Town CDHMbOQFur Hat (+1 Defense, +1 Intelligence) - 600 Gold
Leatherworker Stephan

Floor Three: Icicle Town Yl08pyjFishiger Scale Armor (+3 Defense, +3 Agility) - 750 gold.
Floor Three: Icicle Town SAeO2BqLeather Shoes (+2 Defense, +1 Agility) - 600 gold.
Floor Three: Icicle Town BDRfpSCFishiger Scale Coif (+3 Defense, +3 Agility) - 700 Gold
Woodworker Solomon

Floor Three: Icicle Town Km6TDgtIcewood Bow (+4 Accuracy, +2 Agility) - 700 gold
Floor Three: Icicle Town FGROTcqIcewood Crossbow (+4 Accuracy, +2 Agility) - 700 gold
Floor Three: Icicle Town Yo027lWIcewood Staff (+5 Intelligence) - 400 gold[/img]
Identifier Ashton
Identifier identifies gear that monsters have dropped for you during battle.
50 gold to rest.

Floor Three: Icicle Town SXZi6YdQuests:
Level 8: Frozen Tiger Pelts
Leatherworker Stephan from Icicle town asks you to bring him three Frozen Tiger Pelts from Icicle Pineforest.

"Frozen Tigers have nice skin which can be turned into strong leather. If you bring me three pelts, I will reward you."
Objective: Get three Frozen Tiger Pelts from Frozen Tigers in Icicle Pineforest.
Reward: 350 gold, 300 EXP.

Level 8: Deer Meat.
The deers in Icicle Pineforest provide an excellent quality meat. Gertrude wants to make Frost Deer Stew, but is running short on the meat. If you bring her three pieces, she will reward you for your deeds.
Objective: Get three Frost Deer Meat.
Reward: 150 EXP and 400 gold.

Level 9: Frozen Mast.
Frozen Mast was once a lake, but now is a place for mutated creatures to fly around or hunt for prey. Icicle Townspeople want the mutated creatures to be vanquished, but they cannot do it on their own, so they turn to you.
Objective: Kill four Fishigers and four Frostishes.
Rewards: 450 Gold and 450 EXP.

Level 10: Fishigers
Some Fishigers wandered off from the Frozen Mast, and are now hunting anyone that passes by the point where they are hunting prey. They were last seen in the Icicle Pineforest. If you can find those three Fishigers, you will be rewarded!
Objective: Kill the three Fishigers that are hunting people.
Rewards: 400 Gold and 350 EXP.

Level 11: Polar Bears? NOPE.
There has been sightings of weird looking bears wandering Icicle Plains, and the town Mayor asks you to hunt a few of them and bring whatever they drop. They have to be studied so the townspeople know if they should be afraid.
Objective: Bring the mayor three Iciclear Paws.
Rewards: 400 Gold and 450 EXP.
Level 12: Holy Mammoth!.
Mammoth Tusks are strong and can be forged into powerful weapons. The Blacksmith of Icicle Town asked you to bring him two tusks from two different mammoths for a reward.
Objective: Bring the Blacksmith two Mammoth Tusks.
Rewards: 500 Gold and 600 EXP.

Level 13: Icicloat!
The same woman that asked you for Deer meat now asks you to bring her three goat legs for Goat Stew.
Objective: Get her Three Goat Legs
Rewards: 650 Gold and 800 EXP.
Boss Fight (Level 15): Icicle the Cyan
In order to advance further into the game, and progress, you must kill the Floor 3 Boss: Icicle Golem.

Objective: Kill the Icicle Golem.
Rewards: Icicle Golem Drops

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