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At Neil's College Dorm

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1At Neil's College Dorm Empty At Neil's College Dorm on Sun Aug 18 2013, 07:37


"Screw this!" rang through the corridors of the dorm. It came from the room of an astramaniac physics college major, whose name was Neil Blaze. The room was not too dirty (Which was a lie), but it gave the air of a minefield. That was probably because it was a minefield, full of broken laptops, spoons, forks, old noodles, dangerous Tesla coil contraptions and ice cream buckets. Not to mention the old defused World War II antique bomb lying on a small mantlepiece. Neil was sitting on his desk, and he had yelled so, because he was tired of studying. He had just thrown the gigantic book that he had been reading away. His small bed was nearby in the corner, next to a ridiculously scary looking computer that was self sufficiently powered. Courtesy of himself, of course. The computer was powerful and though expensive, well worth the price. Neil decided that he would start playing today or never. What would he play? Hey! He had to start playing Milaheim Online!

He lay down on his bed, holding his Nerve Helmet. He wore it, and was about to connect it to the main station, but then realized it already was.
He logged in

2At Neil's College Dorm Empty Re: At Neil's College Dorm on Wed Aug 21 2013, 15:22


Another, totally different boy entered the room, saying "Hey, arse, can I borrow your-" but then he noticed Neil lying on his bed with the Nerve helmet on. He sneaked in, grabbed a eBook from a shelf, and ran off.
The minute Neil would wake up, he would rampage.
That had not happened yet

3At Neil's College Dorm Empty Re: At Neil's College Dorm on Wed Aug 21 2013, 16:58


Neil logged out, and took off his NerveHelmet. His eyes were droopy, and he was tired beyond thought. Subconsciously, he noticed his book was missing. When he woke up, he'd deal with it. He put the NerveHelmet on the table, and fell asleep on the ground, smiling and dreaming of bunnies burning in an electric hell

4At Neil's College Dorm Empty Re: At Neil's College Dorm on Thu Aug 22 2013, 07:12


A tired Neil opened the door to his Dorm. The entire day had been very long. He'd woken up in the morning, gone to college, sat in two 4 hour lectures, constantly argued with Professors over the relation of density and kinetic energy. He hadn't won. Yet. Then after that, he'd made a remake of an old Korean song called "Gangnam Style" in a nearby stable. Which ended with him going to the police station trying to tell them it wasn't an assassination attempt. Now he was home. He slung his bag onto the floor, and headed for the bed. It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. He grabbed the NerveHelmet, and wore it. Lying down on his bed, he activated it and logged on.

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