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Milaheim Online - Virtual Reality RPG RP

Welcome to Milaheim Online, a virtual reality MMORPG text roleplay based on Sword Art Online and Alfheim Online.

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The storyline of Maliheim. (Opinions welcome!)

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Elison is the name of the person who invented NerveHelmet. It is a special platform that allows players to immerge into virtual reality games, such as MMORPG's, RTS's and so on. When it was released for the public, many game developers bought the license to create games on that platform. Now this made a revolution for the MMORPG genre, with the game called Milaheim online. Milatech Industries developed a game like no other - a fully functional VRMMORPG with basically no customization limits. How you play and how you look is completely up to you and your character. Although Milaheim is Virtual, you still feel pain when hit, and feel better when buffed. It replicates everything you feel, see, hear, touch and smell. It even has it so you can't breathe underwater!

Many people picked up Milaheim, not knowing what lies ahead, and most of them were pleasantly surprised - a world full of wonders and surprises. A world full of players to team up with, bosses to fight, monsters to kill, weapons to craft, and places to explore. The game's features range from fully customizable skills of your choice, to pets and professions! Your fate is completely in your hands!

The game isn't very well known yet, and is just in the testing phase, being constantly updated with new and interesting features, but the population is high enough to have a great time.

When Maliheim was created, it's world had to be simulated from scratch, as if it was a real world, a.k.a. Earth. Though many years passing like seconds, people learned to use weapons, make a fire, build shacks, cities afterwards, tame pets, and even got advanced technology - Malitech. Malitech is basically what people on earth call machinery and computers. It works almost the same, just instead of electrical energy, Malitech has an infinite energy source provided by the nature. It is not explainable how, but it works.

When Malitech Industries released the game, it was at the point it is now, and started going along with normal time, like on Earth. Although, the developers missed a feature that was developed by NPC's themselves. There was a malfunction in the system, and NPC's had a child. A child like no other. It was an NPC that acted like a player, had the same features a player would have - stats, abilities, equipment and class. It was Mali. A boy who became a man in twenty five years, and is now guarding the top of the hundreth floor. A man players must beat to complete the game. The Developers couldn't find how to fix this bug, so they made it fit the game - made it as a boss, gave him certain abilities, and made him the last boss player's have to fight before they are done with the game.

Although made a boss, Mali wasn't neutral. He wasn't waiting for people to find him on the top of the floors and kill him. He would travel between floors with his minions and terrorize villages, kill NPCs just for fun, and watch them beg for mercy as he slits their throats. The blood was also very realistic in this game, just to mention that.

Villages were destroyed by the hands of Mali, and rebuilt by the townspeople so that they could be destroyed again. Mali was enjoying his pillages, and to be honest, he still is. He still is terrorizing villages from time to time, it's just not as fun anymore, and he needs a challenge. A fight that he would be proud of if he lost, which is doubtful.

Soon after, the Developers lost control over Maliheim, leaving it evolve on it's own. Now all the developers are able to do is fix minor bugs and add features to the game, which they are doing, to help players defeat the last boss - Mali.

Now are you the one who will save Maliheim from this dreadful danger? Are you the one who will free it from it's curse? Or are you the one to run away when you see your first tough challenge? Make up your mind, because the fate of Maliheim rests on your hands.

Kupu The Shifter

Kupu The Shifter
I see you went with making a whole thread to sorta answer my question and i'm sure similar questions to the one I asked, this does clear up ALOT of things I was curious about when it came to the limits of the nerve helmet, thanks! I feel like I should make a new sorta intro to the first floor post since now I have much more to go on, maybe making it as good as M0k0n4's if I had known but oh well.  

Also I love the bit about Mali originally being a bug they built around because they couldn't actually remove it, it does add a bit of mystery.

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Oh god! Mali is going turbo! (extra points to whoever gets the reference. (not actual points, but points in my book. (I don't actually have a book, but yeah..(now I'm just writing this stuff to make my post longer.))))

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